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Rapid Healthcare Inc is proud to offer the best in clinical mobility solutions. Our goal is simple: work with an existing hospital infrastructure, understand their workflow, and supercharge it with the power and convenience of clinical mobility. By empowering clinical mobile solutions, every aspect of the healthcare industry experiences greater efficiency at a lower cost. Our solutions and creativity will revolutionize healthcare from admissions to discharge.

Apps by Rapid Healthcare:

Item Manager

Version: 4.0
System Compatability:
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Item Manager is an iOS application that simplifies and enhances the inventory management process by utilizing the power of mobility. Whether you run a shop out of your home or own multiple storefronts, Item Manager will track and store all of your items with ease. The innovative interface allows the user to scan in and view items quickly. Searching for items and checking stock is simple and fast, so managing even the largest warehouses is possible through the application.


Quick and efficient item addition process
Check-in/out history
Inventory page with easy-to-access detailed item information
Easy to edit item information
Straightforward check-in/out process

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