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CortexRelay® Free

Version: 1.1.0
System Compatability: iOS
Application: Developers Selling
                       Code Readers
Date Modified: 2014-07-30
Author: Code

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Code's CortexRelay® is an iOS app that allows users of the CR4405 sled, together with an Apple iPhone 5/5s, to transmit 1D and 2D barcoded data to a PC via Wi-Fi connection.
To establish a Wi-Fi connection, CortexRelay connects to CortexWedge®, a programming running on the PC. CortexWedge will translate the barcoded data into key strokes and insert it into an open application.
To download CortexWedge (part of the CortexTools™ suite), please visit
This free version provides full functionality with the exception that barcode data transmitted to the host is obscured. To obtain the full version of CortexRelay, please contact us at
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